FGM-AMOR - Austrian Mobility Research (Austria)

FGM-AMOR is a private, independent non-profit limited liability company competing nationally and internationally for all topics of mobility. It works mainly in the field of research, training, consulting and implementations concerning mobility, traffic and traffic safety aspects. This work contains influencing mobility and user behaviour as well as research on the reasons and effects of mobility. FGM-AMOR supports sustainable development and the protection of human and the environment by covering the whole spectrum of mobility including its causes, effects and impacts. This is put into practice through research, consulting, education and the realisation of projects. A better understanding of the relationship between life styles, mobility and risk behaviour is a prerequisite for the development of differentiated and target group oriented transport measures. Within this particular task area FGM-AMOR focuses awareness raising measures and innovative methods and communication tools for specific target groups.

In TOGETHER on the move FGM-AMOR is responsible for the development process of training materials for migrants as well as the teaching materials for relevant institutions and stakeholders working with them in formal and non-formal education. Moreover, FGM-AMOR is responsible for the website of the project. The main area of implementation will be Graz, Austria’s second largest town, and Leibnitz, providing a more rural setting for implementation.


Tina Panian
Günther Illek