STA – Swedish Transport Administration (Sweden)

The Swedish Transport Administration (STA) is responsible for the long-term planning of the transport system for road, rail, shipping and aviation. STA task is to develop an efficient and sustainable transport system from a perspective that encompasses all modes of transport. STA works with long-term infrastructure planning in close dialogue with regions and municipalities. STA is also responsible for building, operating, and maintaining state roads and railways. In addition, STA is responsible to ensure that this infrastructure is effectively used and that it promotes safe and environmentally-sound transports.

In the project TOGETHER on the move STA has a relatively long experience in providing sufficient information about sustainable mobility as well as traffic safety to citizens. Sweden has also a successful integration program for newcomers in preparing them for their new country.

The goal for STA involvement in Together is exchanging knowledge and experience with other EU members as well as achieving an ideal integration concept for new comers in sustainable mobility and energy efficiency together with its partners in the project. STA is responsible for analysis of background and context conditions of the target group.


Haval Davoody