The traffic planning department, Graz.

The department’s task field spreads from strategic concept planning for means of transport to detailed planning for foot- and cycle paths, the motorised individual traffic, public transport and stationary traffic. The interdependency between city development and traffic is also important to it. Additionally, an important supplement to the “traditional” traffic planning is the field of creating consciousness and raising awareness and also the field of mobility management in order to achieve changes in points of view as well as behaviour in terms of sustainable urban mobility.
General task field: Project management of traffic planning projects; concept creation, co-ordination and implementation of mobility projects as well as traffic safety projects; Event management in the field of environmentally friendly mobility.


Department of integration, Graz.

General task field
The department for integration was established on the 3rd of November 2005 for the co-ordination and implementation of integration measures. Integration is the political, legal and social equalisation of natives and immigrants and contains a commitment to cultural pluralism. Consequently, one of the central objectives of this department is to develop strategies and projects to help the understanding of this find its way into the consciousness of the citizens of Graz.
Task focus:
•    The department for integration is the interface between the municipal authorities and the NGOs.
•    Existing services in the city are linked together through the department.
•    Gaps and weaknesses in the existing system shall be pointed out be those affected and together, work on fixing these shall be done.


The Immigrants' Council

The Immigrants’ Council advises local politicians and the municipal administration on general issues affecting the immigrant community in Graz. They organise regular information events in order to stay in contact with the citizens of Graz and to inform them about their activities. The Immigrants' Council does not offer individual counselling, but concentrates on general issues that affect the whole immigrant community. To mention a few, these are issues concerning political and social discrimination, housing and education and the council conveys these issues to the responsible politicians alongside improvement suggestions.
The Immigrants’ Council politically represents the concerns and interest of Immigrants in Graz. It consists of 9 members (non EU-citizens) who are voted for in direct and secret votes by the Immigrants in Graz.




Mobil Zentral opened in 1997 as a central information office for all questions and inquiries concerning Public Transport thus creating the first mobility centre in Austria. It offers free information regarding fares, tariffs and schedules as well as providing extensive information material on all public transport services as well as environmental mobility.
Furthermore, Mobil Zentral offers information and counseling services concerning ticket sale, route selection and planning, bicycle rental and Car Sharing. They also offer consulting services for companies and are the contact point for all public service related complaints and suggestions.
Mobil Zentral has its facilities set in the centre of Graz at the cities most important intersection for public transport, the Jakominiplatz.



The association deutsch_und_mehr – Verein zur Förderung des interkulturellen Dialogs was founded in 2009 and is a non-profit, politically independent and nondenominational association with the declared aim to support and promote equal treatment and integration of immigrants. Deutsch_und_mehr are well experienced with the concerns and problems of immigrants through daily contact in their German language courses. Especially immigrants with higher levels of education often encounter great problems in finding adequate jobs. Consequently, deutsch_und_mehr felt it a logical and necessary consequence of their experience and work to establish the association to promote intercultural dialog in order to react to the inexistent offer to support and promotion towards immigrants of all levels of education thus accepting the social responsibility. Further, one of their main principles is to view immigration background as a source of competence. As partners and for funding they try to convince private citizens, companies and public institutions.



The association verein-freiraum  is a local Austrian women’s advisory body which offers general and social counseling for women. In 2009 the project “Frauen wandern zu” (women immigrate) has been set-up that consults and supports female immigrants with regard to their daily life’s activities. Within this project the Alltagstraining (daily training) was conducted to support immigrants with consulting and chaperonage of daily life’s challenges in their host country dealing with topics like family, employment, mobility, relationship, etc.

verein-freiraum acts as co-operating partner of "TOGETHER on the move" (focus group, interviews and training)




ISOP is an intercultural, politically independent, non-profit organisation which generates equal chances in society and the labour market through initiating and implementing social-, educational-, and cultural projects. ISOP further stands for distributive justice through an active social-, labour market- and educational policy as well as Human Rights and integration concerning the refugee and immigrant politics.
ISOP supports immigrants and refugees, (long-term) unemployed people and people with deficits in their basic education through consulting-, qualifying- and employment projects in their social and occupational integration. The organisation also involves itself in youth and street work as well as a demand meeting childcare and extracurricular tutoring. Furthermore, ISOP steps up against racism through public, cultural and networking activities.



ProHealth is a non-profit community-based initiative, whose primary focus is to improve and promote the health of African immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in Austria. ProHealth was founded in 2004 in Graz by Africans as a voluntary non-profit community-based organisation with the primary aim of increasing awareness on health issues and making health information more accessible to members of their community, thereby improving and promoting their health. ProHealth has expanded on the activities of the African Awareness Group to include, in addition to the enlightenment campaign on HIV/AIDS, enlightenment on other health issues as well as provide targeted preventive educational services aimed at improving the health and general well-being of African immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Graz. ProHealth aims at removing social, cultural and linguistic barriers responsible for decreased access to health care services. These objectives are targeted through both a “community-based” approach as well as a "Primary Health Care" approach and to offer preventative educational programmes which are not only tailored to meet the needs of a community but are also designed to take cognisance of its socio-economic and cultural background as well as its diversity.



MAFALDA – the association for the promotion and support of girls and young woman

Mafalda has been doing pioneering work concerning feminist female labour in Styria since 1989 as an independent and non-profit making institution. Their range of work extends from counselling on labour market specific offers to educational work for girls and multipliers. The aims of these activities are to extensively promote young woman:
•    To advise, inform and accompany them in all psychosocial questions
•    To increase their labour choice spectrum and to support them in a solid labour choice decision
•    To facilitate the approach and access to technical and innovative professions
•    To co-operate with relevant environments, organisations and people
•    To change the situation of girls and young woman through public relation.

MAFALDA works on the basis of a holistic, gender and age specific approach as well as by considering the background of regional, national and international networking.


Raus aus der Box

Raus aus der Box is a creative esf-project from the associations Mafalda, unit and ISOP for girls and young woman between 15 and 24 years of age who want develop perspectives for their lives.
This objective is obtained by focusing on creative learning and working. The girls and young woman shall be encouraged by a sense of achievement to continue work on their basic knowledge and to enhance their competence concerning basic cultural techniques like reading, writing, calculating, ICT-skills and English, catch up on missing graduations or improve bad grades on final grade certificates. This also prepares them for political labour market qualification measures.
Social education workers from Mafalda and Isop provide the necessary support and professional guidance to develop these perspectives.




The association Danaida was founded in the end of 1991 and started work in the beginning of 1992 as a consulting and educating facility for immigrants. It regularly offers German language courses for immigrants which are held in accordance with the family’s childcare obligations. Since 1995 literacy courses are also performed. These have been supplemented since 2000 by a basic educational programme, which contains basic knowledge, cultural techniques and improves knowledge of the German language. The project “playfully learning German” which helps pre-school children whose mother language is not German getting started in school also started in 2000.